The European anti DDoS solution

a collective approach to mitigating DDoS attacks

The frequency of DDoS attacks keeps rising every year. High availability and low costs make it easy for cyber criminals to perform an attack. And for the last years DDoS attacks have become more cunning and complex. How to protect your company?

What is EUWAS

The EUWAS is an independent, not-for-profit ‘scrubbing center’ against DDoS attacks. We apply a collective approach and aim towards sharing knowledge between participants. The more parties joining, the better EUWAS gets.

For who

We help small internet providers, medium-sized and larger businesses, as well as VoIP providers. DDoS attacks hit all kinds of companies, so we stand by for each and every sector.

How it works

In the case of a DDoS attack, we don’t practice blackholing, where all traffic is put to a stop. Instead we take the smart approach: we ‘scrub’ malicious traffic by redirecting it to the EUWAS. We then send the traffic back clean through an internet exchange or a VLAN.

Key benefits

Cost efficient

We collectively buy and share the equipment. Plus you only pay for it when you need it. The size and scale of a potential attack will not increase fees. This makes EUWAS an affordable solution.


We have state-of-the-art equipment from renowned brands. We have the ability to expand to more countries modularly, and we can scale to 2 terabits.
Next to that, we offer 99,9% availability and 24/7 support.


The NaWas (the ‘Dutch EUWAS’) was originally founded for and by internet providers and hosting parties to share knowledge. It has served the Netherlands since 2013, and has fought off every single DDoS attack for its members so far.

Trusted by more than 2,5 million domains in The Netherlands

Read the report on the impact of our solution in The Netherlands

We do R&D

We do more than protecting providers from DDoS attacks – we constantly monitor and research them as well. Twice a year we publish a DDoS trend report to share our analysis with the world.
We are also leading several initiatives to share our knowledge, like the DDoS pattern recognition site

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